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Safety Is First!

Adult Monitoring Must be Constant! 

Adult Monitoring is Mandatory!

 Never Leave Guests or the Equipment Unattended!

Bounce City Memphis will . . . .
  • Provide safe units, games, and equipment rentals to our customers.

  • Maintain our products by thoroughly inspecting them annually and after every use, sanitizing our products after every use, completing pre-use inspections, and completing post-use inspections to ensure that we provide the best quality in our products.

  • Deliver clean, safe, and quality units, games, and equipment in a timely manner.

  • Adequately and safely set up all units, games, and equipment. We will make sure all products and equipment are properly anchored and properly placed before leaving your set up site. 

  • Explain all safety guidelines, rules, procedures, and policies. 

Bounce City Memphis expect you to . . . .
  • Provide a suitable flat clean debris free surface with low cut grass, free of sharp objects such as broken glass, sticks, metal, etc.

  • Read and Follow our Operational and Safety Manual, Emergency Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures. 

  • Inspect and deem all rental items suitable for the event.

  • Provide constant supervision and monitoring of participants, inflatables, games, equipment, and other rentals by competent adults.

  • Make sure all participants are wearing socks while inside the inflatables.

  • Not allow participants to bring gum, games, glass, metals, crafts, string, pencils, pens, stick pins, barrettes with metal enclosures, sodas or other liquids, or objects that will become loose, fall off, or out of pockets.  Make sure the participants empty their pockets.

  • Limit overcrowding by grouping participants with others in groups based on age, size, and weight.  Maximum participants allowed depends on the unit rented. 

  • Stop and remove participants who violate any of the rules the first time.

  • To move the participants to safety at the first sign of danger.

  • Not to operate the inflatable during high temperatures, strong winds, rain, and other inclement weather.

  • Not to allow pets or other animals on or near the units or equipment.

  • Not to allow a minor to operate or assist with adult responsibilities outside of guidelines outlined in the Operational and Safety Manual.

  • Never let adults inside the rentals with participants, except for emergencies.

  • To explain the rules to all participants: No horse playing, tumbling, somersaults, kicking, wrestling, slapping, fighting, pulling hair, etc.​​

. . . . to ensure YOU do your part to make your Safety #1 Priority
. . . . to ensure WE do OUR part to make YOUR Safety #1 Priority



 Is Everybody’s Responsibility!

EVERY Renter will receive a copy of the BCM Operationsal and Safety Manual during Rental Set Up.

We keep a signed copy of your acknowledgemnt of receiving this Manual for liability purposes. 


Safety is our #1 PRIORITY! 

We want your experience to be a memorable fun event!  We want you to fully enjoy one or more of our rentals. We want everyone to practice safe habits and follow rules.  As with any rule, you will need to practice good judgement and make valid decisions when dealing with groups of people, especially children.

Safety is our #1 PRIORITY!

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