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Tennessee - Shelby County

  • Memphis

  • Cordova

  • Bartlett

  • Arlington

  • Lakeland

  • Millington

  • Collierville

  • Germantown

Mississippi - Desoto County

  • Southaven

  • Horn Lake

  • Walls

  • Olive Branch

Arkansas - Crittenden County

  • Marion

  • West Memphis

We Deliver to Several Areas

Delivery Area


  • Most prices include standard delivery and setup.

  • Standard delivery is located within 20 miles of warehouse location. Standard setup is considered an area within 100ft of sufficient electrical and water supply, if needed.

  • Delivery and Pickup are not included in some rental prices, so please call for details and price quotes. Prices may vary based on your needs and requirements. We can deliver most places within or near our servicing areas. Don't hesitate to call, we want to work with you.

  • Pricing is based on units and equipment set up and does not include supplies, restricted-special delivery or pickup, parks, staff or any other additional non-equipment charges.

  • Delivery and Pickup destinations can be flexible to your needs. 

  • Is the company licensed to obtain the legal rights to rent their products and equipment?

  • Is the company insured to cover injuries of the participants using the unit if any defect should occur?

  • Can you get a written contract in case any there is a need to resolve a matter legally?

  • Does the company comply with safety regulations to ensure you will be informed to prevent accidents and incidents?

  • What types of ways to communicate with staff are available? Excellent customer service usually "shows" that the company can be trusted. 

  • Do they properly clean and sanitize their units, games, and equipment to prevent the spread of germs?

Things to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Rental Company

Parks in Memphis and Surrounding Areas

Parks in Memphis & Surrounding Area
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